The DSFF Signature Cocktail

Signature Cocktail Recipe

The formulation of our Signature Cocktail from mixologist Haroon Haffajee (Brandhouse).

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The next Durban Street Food Festival Summer Edition will be held from 16-20 December at 102 Florence Nzama Road, River Town Precinct, Durban.

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  • SWEET:  Vanilla syrup 7.5%(15ml), Pineapple puree 25%(50ml)

  • SOUR: Lemon juice 10%(20ml), fresh chilli 1.25% (2 small slices without seeds)

  • WEAK: Coconut water 25%(50ml), water (from shaking process/ice) 12.5%(25ml)

  • STRONG: Tanqueray London Dry gin 18.75%(37.5ml)  

To Make the Cocktail

1. Chill down a rocks glass with ice
2. Precisely measure out all ingredients and place into a shaker tin
3. Add solid ice cubes to fill the tin
4. Lock on the other half of the shaker tin and shake well for at least 15 seconds – this will ensure:

a. The drink is made cold
b. The ingredients are mixed well
c. The ice had diluted the drink sufficiently

5. Throw out the ice in your glass and replace with “fresh” ice (which will melt slower)
6. Strain the drink into the glass using a fine strainer to hold back any small pieces of pineapple
7. Garnish by placing a wedge of pineapple on the rim of the glass
8. Smile when you present -- presentation, presentation, presentation